Mosques from around the World

1 Season Apr 2022

Join us as we discover different mosques from around the world, while further elaborating upon the cultural elements of both the mosques, and their hosting countries. The histories regarding the founding of the mosques and their Islamic characteristics will be explored as we tour the world and shed light upon these fascinating and unique marvels.

Ibn Battuta – Season 1

1 Season Feb 2023

The series, Ibn Battuta, portrays the historical events that surrounded the explorer Ibn Battuta, whose heroism and humane efforts lead to his recognition as one of the most quintessential explorers throughout documented history. His achievements throughout his journeys and his distinguished works have transcended time, allowing Ibn Battuta to be recognized internationally. His years of exploring took him far and beyond his hometown, and in this series, we will learn more about his exciting adventures as he travels around the world.

Oriental Scholars

1 Season Feb 2023

Oriental Scholars is an animated series that sheds light on the scientists and scholars of the Arab and Muslim world and delves into their contributions to the many fields of knowledge and science throughout the course of history. The series consists of 30 episodes, with each offering an in depth look at a scientist or scholar, describing their achievements and accomplishments at the time in fields such as physics, astronomy, mathematics, medicine, and engineering. Through short biographical animations, we will learn more about renowned individuals, such as Ibn Sina, Ibn Battuta, Al-Razi, Al-Ghazali, Ibn Khaldun and many more.

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