Richness of Creations – Season 2

1 Season Apr 2022

In Richness of Creation, we will delve into a fascinating religious and scientific journey that will take us to the heavens and their horizons, the seas and their depths, and the earth and its layers. Here we will witness the infinite capabilities of Allah Almighty, along with the wisdom present in the creation of his creatures; creations, that he made for the good of man. In Richness of Creation, we will observe episodes that combine what was mentioned in the Holy Quran regarding humans, animals, plants, and inanimate objects, and the latest scientific data, breakthroughs, and discoveries, which will help us reveal the secrets of life and the universe, and further comprehend the wisdom and divine marvel that are present in the creations of Allah.

Oriental Scholars

1 Season Mar 2023

Oriental Scholars is an animated series that sheds light on the scientists and scholars of the Arab and Muslim world and delves into their contributions to the many fields of knowledge and science throughout the course of history. The series consists of 30 episodes, with each offering an in depth look at a scientist or scholar, describing their achievements and accomplishments at the time in fields such as physics, astronomy, mathematics, medicine, and engineering. Through short biographical animations, we will learn more about renowned individuals, such as Ibn Sina, Ibn Battuta, Al-Razi, Al-Ghazali, Ibn Khaldun and many more.

Mosques from around the World

1 Season Mar 2023

Join us as we discover different mosques from around the world, while further elaborating upon the cultural elements of both the mosques, and their hosting countries. The histories regarding the founding of the mosques and their Islamic characteristics will be explored as we tour the world and shed light upon these fascinating and unique marvels.

Ibn Battuta – Season 2

1 Season Mar 2023

In the second season of Ibn Battuta, we will take a more detailed look into the various destinations that Ibn Battuta makes his way through during his journeys. Each destination will offer a new adventure, and interesting characters, while having Ibn Battuta subjected to a new endeavor or danger that will push him to the limit and evaluate his ability to find effective and creative solutions. All of this and more can be found in the second season of Ibn Battuta.

Ramadan and Fasting – A Healthy Living

1 Season Mar 2023

"Fasting makes the body stronger and healthier, where the body, on a physiological level, adapts to enduring and managing its thirst and hunger. The faith of Islam offers those who are ill the permission to be absolved of their religious obligations when deemed necessary. Worldly practices are not tied to doctrine and scripture alone, as Muslims are not to neglect their health or treatment and simply leave their wellbeing to be determined by fate. Muslims must rely on the appropriate remedies, that Allah offered and made necessary for them to heal. The Prophet’s well-known hadith about treatment goes as such “O worshippers of Allah, use the remedies made available to you.” . "  

Ramadan In The Islamic World

1 Season Mar 2023

Regardless of where you are around the world, the holy month Ramadan will visit you once a year, brining along with it, blessings, sacredness, forgiveness, and wonderful traditional, cultural, and religious events. Every Muslim around the globe revels in the evoked spirituality that is more present with the arrival of this blessed month and together we will visit various countries from around the globe to witness their traditions, rituals, and methods of celebrating one of the holiest of occasions, during Ramadan in the Islamic World.

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