The Cities of Faith

1 Season Apr 2022

Join us as we explore the many different holy cities from around the world. We will venture through the beautifully paved streets and become more familiar with the many structures that constitute Allah’s most beloved parts of the earth. Together we will learn about the history of these places, while witnessing their present form, and seeing how they’ve represented the values they were built to display. These are the cities of faith.

Ibn Battuta – Season 1

1 Season Mar 2022

The series, Ibn Battuta, portrays the historical events that surrounded the explorer Ibn Battuta, whose heroism and humane efforts lead to his recognition as one of the most quintessential explorers throughout documented history. His achievements throughout his journeys and his distinguished works have transcended time, allowing Ibn Battuta to be recognized internationally. His years of exploring took him far and beyond his hometown, and in this series, we will learn more about his exciting adventures as he travels around the world.

Richness of Creations – Season 1

1 Season Mar 2022

In the Richness of Creation, we will learn more about the wisdom and reasoning behind the creations of Allah, while further elaborating upon varying elements of nature ranging from birds, insects, animals, and plants. We will observe the fundamental ties between these creations and learn more about the information regarding them that is present in the Holy Quran. Series Objectives: - Strengthening and fortifying the faith of believers in Allah the Almighty. - Partaking in sermons and lessons regarding these creations. - Learning more about the wisdom, reasoning, and purpose behind Allah’s creations.

Men Around The Prophet Mohammad Season 1&2

2 Seasons Mar 2022

"Men Around the Prophet tells the stories of the great men who took on the responsibility of glorifying and honoring their faith to preserve its integrity among the masses. It sheds light on the companions of the Prophet, who accompanied him throughout his life, showing the essential roles they played, their relationship with the Prophet, their contributions to the faith of Islam, and how they aided the Messenger of Allah in enlightening the world with the message of the faith of Islam.

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